These Ten Military Working Dogs Have a Lot to Wag About

5. Big Hug

Dogs have been used in war since ancient times, and have been documented in battle by the Cimmerians, Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. While the role dogs play in war has changed since then, the relationships built between military working dog and handler have not.

Whether it’s two months or two years, the bonds that form between military working dog and handler are as strong as family. Each dog is trained to detect bombs, weapons, and drugs.

Yet only about half the dogs entered in MWD training are accepted by the army.

It is not often that military working dogs are brought back to the United States after service in Iraq or Afghanistan, but when they do return, the event is always memorable.

“I missed you so much,” this soldier was saying to his buddy as the two shared an embrace.

Take a look!

4. Surprise Reunion

After Sgt. Ross Gundlach asked Iowa leaders to help him find the dog he served with in Afghanistan, they asked him to attend a ceremony for Armed Services Day. What he didn’t know was that his dog, Casey, had been waiting to meet him once again.

3. Full Honors

Former bomb sniffing dog Spike was reunited with his handler, US Marine Corps Corporal Jered Heine, in an official ceremony at the Virginia State Capitol Portico. Cpl. Heine was injured by an IED while serving in Afghanistan, and to leave Spike and return to the United States for treatment.

2. Safe Arrival

After years apart, U.S. Marine Corps veteran Corporal Jeff DeYoung and his bomb-sniffing black Lab Cena were reunited as ABC News cameras rolled. When DeYoung was discharged from the military, he returned home to Michigan, while Cena stayed behind in Afghanistan. With the help of Mission K9 Rescue, the two are together again.

1. Happy, Healthy, and Home

Army Spc. Andrew Brown and his military working dog Rocky spent time recovering together after both were injured by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. Images of their hospital stay went viral, and after some much needed healing and rest the two were reunited for good.

For another heartwarming reunion, follow this link and watch the video of one soldier and his dog finally making their dream come true.

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