At First, I Thought It Was A Duster. But, Then I Looked Closer. OMG

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At first glance, Whipper may look like a big feather duster, but he is actually a mutant parakeet who lives in New Zealand and has become an internet sensation. But Whipper hasn’t always had it easy. He was rejected by his mother for being so different and was thrown out of his cage twice. A woman named Julie Hayward rescued the poor little guy and has taken great care of him.


Aside from his strange looks, he also makes unusual vocalizations. His issues may stem partly from being separated from other budgies at such a young age. Whipper also has short wings that disallow him to fly, and he is also blind. Although he is different, he acts just like other birds and does ordinary budgie things. He is also cute to boot! Watch him in the video below:

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