Art-Loving Cats Turned Away From Museum, Again

Everyone knows cats are smart animals. According to a very cute story coming out of Japan, some of them enjoy the arts quite a bit, too.

According to The Dodo, a pair of Hiroshima-based cats have been trying to gain entry into the local art museum since 2016, when the museum debuted an acclaimed photography exhibition on local street cats.

Unfortunately, these felines fans were initially rebuffed, though they haven’t let that rejection dampen their ongoing enthusiasm for culture any.

The cats have continued to show up at the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art for the past two years, forcing the security guard to stand firm. Ken Chan and Gosaku may be cute, but they don’t have tickets. This security guard is a stickler for the rules.

While the cats’ regular efforts to gain gallery access have yet to come to fruition, their persistence has at least been rewarded in staff cuddles and regular appearances on the museum’s Twitter feed.

And while they might never see inside the actual gallery, these culture-loving cats have inspired a museum tote bag depicting their nearly-daily chase scene. Finally, some art of their own!

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