Blind And Deaf Dogs Were Dumped By A Breeder. Now, They Have A Loving Place To Call Home

This dog was dumped by a breeder because he is deaf and mostly blind. His sister was also dumped because she’s deaf. They were both considered useless because they’re “double merle,” a gene that decreases pigmentation but also causes vision and hearing loss.

Thankfully, a woman saved their lives and gave them a much better one! Both of the pups, Murdock and Daenerys, were adopted together and are now a part of a much larger family! They have many doggy siblings to play with now and receive all the love in the world!

They won’t ever be considered useless again and they are getting the perfect care from their new humans. They may be a little different than other dogs, but they have no idea! They run and play just like the rest of them.

You can follow Murdock and Daenerys on their Instagram page.

Watch them in the video below:

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