Florida K9 Officer Saves Dog Stuck In Canal

The Palm Bay Police Department received a call from a concerned citizen on the morning of March 23 telling them that a dog was stuck in the mud in a canal off Minton Road.

When the officers arrived at the scene, they saw and confirmed that a golden retriever was stuck and appeared to be “unable to free itself” a few feet away from the edge of the canal.

According to their Facebook post, K9 Officer Carrol was the one to rescue the dog and stated that the water was cold that morning and that the dog must have been there for some time, as it was worn out and tired.

Reportedly, the dog had no collar or tags, so the police had a difficult time identifying the owner. Although it’s not clear who actually identified the owner, the police department asked for some assistance from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office’s Animal Services and also called for help in reaching out to the owners in their Facebook post. They have since updated their post and said that “the dog is home safe with his owner.”

The owner actually commented under the Palm Bay Police Department’s post, claiming that the dog is theirs and updating the readers that the dog is, indeed, safe and is now bathed and snuggled. Providing some background on what happened, the owner said that the dog “had got out of our back gate about an hour prior to being rescued.”

Under the same comment from the dog owner, another citizen commented and tagged the actual person who reported the incident to the police department. The owner was able to express gratitude to the person who reported the incident. We’re so happy the dog is back home!

An updated picture of the beautiful golden retriever is not available at this time, but here’s to hoping for their continuous recovery, and that they’ll get a brand new collar so that they’ll easily be identified in case they manage to escape from their yard again.

Watch how officer Carrol rescued the dog in this short video below.

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