Moving tips for dog owners

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Moving house can be a stressful and confusing time for your dog. While you’ve been planning and making the decisions, your dog doesn’t know what’s happening. It’s very important to help your dog through the transition.

Here’s our list of suggestions and recommendations for when you’re moving with your dog. And be sure to read the full article for more insight. Here are the highlights.

Prepping your dog for the move – A few kind words of encouragement. Just reassure your pup that everything will be okay. He may not know exactly what you’re saying, but your dog will find comfort in your voice.

Something old, something new. Bring some familiarity to the new space for your dog. Don’t rush to replace his stuff just because you’re moving somewhere new. Then again, rewarding him with new treats upon a successful move is always encouraged.

Boxes away. Keep your dog occupied with a good chew while your packing and unpacking. Keep his things at hand for easy access during the moving process.

Chemicals and Canines. New paint and cleaning supplies can stink up the house and create an unsafe environment for your pup. If you don’t have a safe space for him outside, ask a friend to be a dog sitter, or use products whose labels clearly say they’re safe for pets and children.

Acknowledge that it’s a big deal for your dog. Just remember that moving is a big change for your dog. Take the time to make sure you’re making the transition as easy as possible for your friend.

Does anyone else have moving tips? Please feel free to add them in the comments below.

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