Ten Years Later, This Hurricane Katrina Survivor FINALLY Finds Her Furever Home!

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It’s been ten years since Hurricane Katrina, so the last of the survivor dogs at Villalobos Rescue Center are now seniors. One of the survivor dogs, a Pit Bull mix named Mouse, has been through a lot. After the flood waters came, rescuers began looking for survivors. Some home owners came back to their destroyed homes to see what they had left. One man came home to this young pup in his attic but she did not belong to him. They believe that she may have floated in and through the attic window since the flood waters were so high. She remained there for three weeks, and it’s unknown how she managed to survive with no food and only contaminated water to drink.

She was rescued and brought to Villalobos Rescue Center, a rehabilitation and placement facility for abused and abandoned Pit Bulls. After all these years, Mouse has finally found her furever home! In the video below, you can see her meeting her new humans and exploring her new house for the first time. You can tell that Mouse is very grateful and happy, as she wags her tail and checks out all of the new rooms in her new home. Her new humans get very emotional, so it’s clear that they will give Mouse the proper love and care that she deserves. I am so happy that Mouse gets to live out the rest of her years in this wonderful new home!

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