Mom And Son Pair That Have Been In A Shelter For 8 Months Are Looking For A Home

It’s not long now until Mother’s Day, meaning that moms all over will be getting a little more love this weekend – including our pets who happen to be mothers themselves.

And one adorable dog, a 10-year-old rescue dog named Queen, just wanted a forever home for her and her pup, 4-year-old Freddy. Sadly, when their previous owners faced financial difficulties, they could no longer provide for the mother-son duo, so they had to surrender them to their local shelter.

Both Queen and Freddy spent 8 months in the shelter, waiting for someone to take them, but unfortunately, no one did. However, their luck did turn around when a Washington D.C.-based non-profit, Homeward Trails, picked up the pair and placed them with a foster family.

And that is where they’ve been ever since as Homeward Trails is tirelessly trying to help the mom and son find a forever home.

The rescue has been very adamant that the two need to be re-homed together because they cannot stand to be apart – when separated all they do is search for one another.

This mother and son are incredibly close, and they spend most of their time together. The two spend a majority of their days cuddling or napping beside one another, as well as playfully nudging heads.

Their current foster family has remarked on their intense bond, marveling at how maternal Queen still acts towards Freddy, even though he’s a full-grown adult. The sweet doggie must be a total mama’s boy, and that gives us all the feels.

Homeward Trails is very hopeful to find these two a new forever home in time for Mother’s Day, so if you are interested in adopting the pair, click here for more information.

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