A Moose Suddenly Collapses In A Lowe’s Parking Lot, Then Shoppers Realize Why

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Shoppers were walking back to their cars through a Lowe’s parking lot in Anchorage, Alaska, when they got to witness an amazing sight that many will never get to see: a moose giving birth.

For nearly nine hours, a mama moose laid in the parking lot in labor, awaiting her newborn calf. Lowe’s employees fenced off the area around the moose to prevent shoppers from getting too close. The people who did want to watch, quietly did so from a distance so they wouldn’t disturb the moose.

Source: YouTube/Sophie Erber

Source: YouTube/Sophie Erber

The mama moose laid there while her baby was born and took his first steps. It didn’t take long before the baby was up and walking around. He’s absolutely adorable!

What a beautiful thing to witness! Thankfully, someone caught the two of them on camera. It’s not every day that you get to see something like this. Watch the adorable duo in the video below:

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