Monty Was Rescued From A Shelter. He May Look Different, But When They Saw Him, They Fell In Love

In 2013, a family from Denmark adopted a kitty named Monty from an animal shelter. The previous owner had too many cats and was forced to put some of them up for adoption, one of them being Monty. The family already had two cats, Malle and Mikkel, who only had three legs.


When they first met Monty, it was love at first sight. They knew instantly that they would adopt this sweet boy. His special appearance makes him unique, but his personality was even rarer. He was loving, affectionate, and cute as a button.


Monty was born without a nasal bridge—the bone in the nose—which affects him from time to time and makes him sneeze a lot. Due to his chromosome defects, his bladder sometimes leaks in his sleep. But other than that, and Monty looking different, he is just like any other kitty and doesn’t know he is any different.


Monty gets along great with both of his kitty siblings. He enjoys lying on people’s laps and loves to cuddle! He is very fearless and even loves being at the vet! He loves his furever family, and they love him right back!


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