Montreal’s Pit Bulls May Get A Second Chance!

Pit bulls and pit bull lovers across Canada have been given a reprieve against Montreal’s new law outlawing pit bulls, meaning thousands of dogs have another chance at life!

A Quebec judge, Justice Louis Gouin, suspended the law temporarily until Wednesday, October 5th, when he would decide whether to extend the suspension until the legal challenge issued by Montreal’s SPCA could be heard in court.

Goudin’s ruling came down on Monday, October 3rd, the day the new by-laws were to be enacted. By issuing a suspension, Goudin assured that dogs labeled as “pit bulls” could still be adopted out, and that dogs would not be required to be muzzled. If the suspension is extended, it will give shelters and pit bull owners more time to help challenge the law, or, in the worst case, help transfer the dogs in need to shelters where they won’t be euthanized.

Outdoor Portrait close-up American Pit Bull Terrier

While there have been breed specific bans in Canada that have won legal challenges, the Montreal ban has several areas of contention that have not been argued by the courts. Among the issues is how to determine is a dog actually is a pit bull type breed. The lawyer tasked with defending the city of Montreal, René Cadieux, argued that there is no need for scientific identification, and “if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it’s got to be a duck.” That argument alone should concern dog parents across Montreal.

Justice Gouin will issue his ruling tomorrow, October 5th, and we will keep you updated as events unfold!

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