This Monkey Lived In Deplorable Conditions His Whole Life. Now, 25 Years Later He Is Finally Free.

This Macque monkey, named Joe, has spent the past 25 years living in a little, dark hole between two buildings in a slum in Bangkok, Thailand. He had little food and no water and was dehydrated and in terrible shape. His teeth were ruined, and because he was unable to climb or walk due to the small size of the cage, he lost most of his muscle tissue.

Thankfully, Edwin, founder of Wildlife Friends Foundation, was alerted about this poor monkey, and came to rescue him. The owner allowed them to take him. When they took him from the hole, they saw how horrible the conditions were – extremely filthy and covered in rats. They brought Joe to their sanctuary and after a few days he is moving around. He is too weak to climb but will be able to build up his muscles in time. Thankfully he can live out the rest of his years in a happy and safe place now with other monkeys!

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