Woman Tries to Win People’s Sympathy on Reddit After Returning a Dog She’d Had for 30 Minutes

Dogs must not be adopted on a whim just because they are adorable and a great source of joy. Before making a decision, you should assess your current lifestyle and household. Will a dog thrive well in your environment? Are your kids or elders prepared for them? More importantly, do some background research about the breed you plan to adopt. A lot of dogs need a home, but they deserve one that is committed to being their forever family.

It’s saddening when owners choose to return a dog or abandon them once they see how incompatible they are. Returning them like an item can cause severe emotional pain and trauma. That’s why it’s a mistake to not research before adopting one. For instance, a woman from Reddit had trouble with a dog she purchased on Kijiji. The canine’s breed was a mix of a husky and a German shepherd. Naturally, at 10 months old, the pup was already huge. They need sufficient space at home since they are playful and love running around.

However, Fearless-Plastic4534 was still quite shocked and disappointed with the dog she purchased. Although the seller told her that the pup would be good with kids, OP thinks otherwise. At first, the dog was evidently nervous around the house, but it was understandable because it’ll take time for him to adjust. OP was clearly aware of that until it got too playful. She was annoyed with how energetic and clingy the dog was — it scared her, and she was worried about her child. Perhaps the dog was extremely excited about his new home and wanted to get to know his new family. However, Fearless-Plastic4534 became firm with her decision to return the mixed breed after just 30 minutes of living with him.

“He was in my home for a total of around 30 minutes before I told her I needed to bring him back. Originally, I told her she could keep the money, while I was in a panicked state, worried about the safety of my child,” OP wrote. “After I had calmed down, I told her I needed the money back, and she blocked me. I then texted her from a friend’s phone, saying I really need the money back because the dog was barely in my care and he was a danger to my child.”

“She then had a friend of hers text me, saying I told her she could keep the money to “get out of the situation I created for myself,” told me to stop harassing her (I sent 1 text from my friend’s phone), said she’s on a tight budget and has no money to give, that when you buy something like a pet, there’s no return policy (which is understandable, but again, I had the dog for only THIRTY minutes and was not made aware of the dog’s true state),” OP explained. It was not only the seller who made her see the issue clearly. Redditors were annoyed with how she blamed others. Instead of garnering sympathy, OP was given the cold, harsh truth.

Acrobatic-Cover2712 sarcastically commented, “Lol a 10-month-old German Shepherd/Husky mix with a clueless owner and a small child in an apartment. What could go wrong?” Indeed, their household was unsuitable for nurturing a huge dog with lots of energy. It was utterly irresponsible of Fearless-Plastic4534 to make rash decisions when she had a lot of things to consider. Redditors heavily questioned her and the seller, who did not bother to ask if OP’s home was appropriate for a mixed german shepherd and husky puppy.

But thanks to those brutally honest comments, OP made edits to her post, saying that she’s now aware of her mistakes. Hopefully, she actually learns so that no other dog will ever experience such treatment under her care. They are not accessories you buy in the mall, which you can return and gain your money back. Think twice before you get a pup. Also, a reminder that it’s better to adopt from a shelter than buy a pet from sellers who only care about the money they’ll earn.

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