Mona the Husky needs another miracle

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Some rescue animals need a champion to save their lives. In the case of Mona the Husky puppy, a whole team fought to save her.

Mona’s story began in suburban Chicago last spring when Animal Education and Rescue (AEAR) received a call from a young girl named Yuliana. Their Husky had a litter of puppies and they were able to place all the dogs in homes except for one – Mona – who was prone to seizures and was incontinent.

Yuliana’s family couldn’t afford the medical care needed to save her life and didn’t know where to turn. So, Yuliana was looking to a rescue organization to help so they didn’t have to put the dog down. Because her parents’ English was spotty, Yuliana was calling all the no-kill shelters and rescues she could find.

AEAR first turned down the request and directed her to local Husky rescues. But, when she called back a few days later with a last-ditch plea for help, AEAR took in Mona.

At the time, there was no foster home and no money in the bank for Mona’s initial surgery, estimated to cost $4,000. AEAR went to work. The plea went out on social media and a foster family stepped up. The donations poured in. In a matter of days, they had raised more than enough money to help Mona.

With additional fundraisers planned, the rescue decided to use the funds raised to start Mona’s Miracle Fund – a special fund created to help cats and dogs AEAR rescues needing extensive veterinary care. Supporters included a group of middle school girls who raised $500 at their bake sale.

Then came some good news and some bad news. The good news was that medication kept Mona’s seizures under control. Unfortunately, when doctors performed surgery, they discovered her health issues were different than expected. The surgery caused a urinary infection. Mona needed more surgery. The new procedure and medication would cost upwards of $8,000.

Mona’s Miracle Fund has its first case – Mona. Officially, AEAR has put the fund on hold and they’ll be using the initial $2,000 raised for her next surgery. Fundraising is underway again and the group is hoping to have the same response they did the first time.

Mona’s champion has not forgotten about her. Yuliana keeps in touch with the rescue, and in early July, she met up with AEAR’s founder Sandy Wisniewski to make a donation of doggy diapers.

Wisniewski surprised Yuliana by showing up with Mona in tow. The teen, dog, and the rest of the family had a very happy reunion. And the mother dog that started it all has since been spayed – so, no more puppies. Mona will be put up for adoption when she is considered medically sound.

If you’d like to donate, go to Mona’s PayPal page. Learn more about Mona here.

Kathy Mordini is a public relations specialist and freelance writer that covers the Chicago animal rescue community and pet trends. She writes daily on Read her column online and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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