Mockingbird Gets A Pair Of Snowshoes (And I’m About To Faint!)

A Mockingbird desperately needed help with her tiny feet. Thankfully, the California Wildlife Center was happy to step in and help the adorable little bird. The Mockingbird’s little feet began to knuckle, which is a fairly common condition. It, however, makes walking very difficult and can also cause pain. OH NO!

The volunteers were happy to be her personal cobbler and fastened together their own little creation (that look a lot like snowshoes!) to help the Mockingbird walk better and reset her tiny feet to repair themselves. What an amazing idea! Animal lovers rejoice! I think this little Mockingbird is going to be just fine!

Mockingbird Fun Facts:

  • Mockingbirds are typical 8-11 inches long and weigh roughly 2 ounces
  • Males and females look the same, except males are considerably larger in size
  • Male mockingbirds can learn up to 200 songs in their lifetime!
  • Mockingbirds are monogamous and will mate for life (awwww!)

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