They Found A Freezing Stray Kitten Outside, But Their Dog Knew Just What To Do To Keep Her Alive

Pat Weber’s grandson found a tiny kitten in the family’s barn and brought her into their house. The kitten was freezing cold, so Weber wrapped her in a warm towel. Thankfully, the kitten was moving around and started meowing.

Weber’s four-year-old dog, Mittens, heard the meowing and was very intrigued. Mittens has been a mother before, giving birth two years prior. Even though it had been a while, Mittens still had that motherly instinct.

Mittens fell in love with the kitten, now named Bootsie. Mittens took it upon herself to start caring for Bootsie, and began treating her as if she were her own. She watches her, grooms her, and even started producing milk for her!

When Weber asked her vet about the milk, he said “hormones are strange and do funny things.” Weber knew this was a miracle! What a great mom Mittens is! Watch them in the video below:

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