These Guilty Dogs Are Excited To See Their Human, Until He Asks Them A Certain Question…

Pit bulls Missy and Laydie undoubtedly love their dad and are so excited that he’s home again. That is, until their guilty conscious comes to the surface.

Apparently, while their hooman was out, the dogs kept themselves busy by chewing up his pants. When he got home, you can see them hiding out in the laundry room until they hear the positive tone in their dad’s voice telling them he’s home. They reluctantly run out, wagging their tails, probably thinking the coast is clear and that their dad has no idea what they’ve done wrong.

Then their dad asks, “but who tore my pants up?” and they run right back into the laundry room where they were hiding out. Then their dad tells them to “come here” again in a perky tone as they start walking towards him, wagging their tails again, only to freeze in their tracks and run right back into hiding when he asks the question again.

Needless to say, guilty or not, these pups are adorable! How could you stay mad at those faces?!

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