Stories of my dog, Twister

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I once had a dog named Twister Belle. She was simply amazing! Twister was born on or very near Valentines Day 1995, so we chose to celebrate her birthday every year on Feb 14th. Twister was a rescue from the local humane society. They had a store inside a local mall. It was aptly named Tailwaggers.

Twister came into my life at a very important time. I had just suffered a miscarriage and my husband and I were both devastated. We decided that a puppy to love would be the perfect addition to our lives, a perfect way to pull ourselves out of our depression. We visited Tailwaggers and started looking around. Twister was in her cage being very quiet and peaceful. When we asked to see her, we were taken to a small room where you can be introduced in peace and quiet. Twister climbed up in my lap, snuggled in, and fell asleep. My husband and I fell in love with her and she came home with us.
Now, I realize that Twister is kind of an odd name for a dog. But there’s a perfect explanation. She had slept through the adoption process and also slept all the way home. However, the minute we got into our house and put her down on the kitchen floor she started running in circles! She ran and ran and ran. She would stop for a moment to scratch or wag her tail then she would run in the other direction! Her liveliness just added to our joy! Her name just fit.
Twister lived with us for 11 ½ years before she passed. During those years we had so many great times together! I will share some of these with you over the next few months. She was our “first child,” my “fur baby,” and my best friend! I hope her stories will bring a smile to your face and maybe even encourage you to visit your local humane society to see if you can find a Twister Belle of your very own! Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.
Jill McDowell is a stay-at-home mom with three children, Kelci, Ben, and Emily Rose as well as three fur babies, Brittany, Rocket and Peter. She has been married to Doug, the love of her life, for almost 18 years. Jill and her family live in Alabama. 

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