This Little Boy Bent Down To Embrace His Pup…The Reason Why? Heartwarming!

This eight-year-old boy, named Zach Carlisle, has autism, social anxiety, and seizures. He doesn’t talk much, but his therapy dog, Delilah, is there to comfort him and has helped him to communicate and break out of his shell. The two have such a special connection, and Zach would never be himself without her. Unfortunately, he had to be without her for eight months when she went missing.

She ended up at Tampa’s Humane Society and was then adopted by another family, having no idea whose dog she was or where she came from. The family absolutely loved Delilah and intended to keep her, but then they heard the Carlisle’s story and knew the dog belonged to them. They gave her back and she finally reunited with Zach. Zach’s mom said that since Delilah’s been back, she has already seen Zach express himself again and be more verbal. Delilah has since been microchipped to prevent this from ever happening again.

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