Miracle or Mayhem?

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Do you believe in miracles? If you do, pray for this one to come true. On December 31, six rescue dogs may lose their foster home. In spite of pleas to the public and rescues across the country, no one has stepped up to help these dogs to find either new foster homes or new rescues. Alas, I’ve gotten ahead of myself, so let’s start at the beginning.

In January 2011, a well-meaning person set out to take a break from volunteering for animal rescues after nearly 10 years, but that’s not what happened. This is a story about Founder, and how she went from wanting to help out a Bully Breed dog here and there to finding homes for over 200 dogs and a couple dozen cats in 23 months.

When shelters found out Founder was willing to take in the misunderstood dogs and find them homes, the calls were never-ending. It quickly became obvious this was going to require more than one person taking in a single dog or litter of puppies every now and again. Three months later, Founder started a new rescue specializing in Bully Breed dogs; with little more than some experience, a few donations, and a love for these misjudged breeds Founder set about running a rescue.

The rescue was made up of volunteers. Its goal was to have every dog saved from a shelter to live in a foster home until adopted. The rescue grew faster than the list of foster parents. Oh, it was easy enough to find fosters for the puppies and the ‘easy’ dogs, but what about those that didn’t warm up as quickly or didn’t care for other dogs or cats yet deserved a second chance? That’s how the built-in cages came about in the basement.

Founder decided if she could extend the fence to encompass the walkout basement, then the basement could be converted to a mini-kennel for fosters who had nowhere else to go. This seemed like a good idea, but Founder’s few built-in cages quickly expanded to a specialized puppy pen and temporary over-sized crates to handle overflow. For the most part the dogs came and went on a regular basis but there were a few left unadopted no matter how hard Founder tried.

However, in November, Neighbor, who has gripped and complained every few months about the dogs, decided he had finally had enough. With threat of legal action Founder was forced to move all of her foster dogs and not bring in even one more. Adding to the problem, two long time foster parents requested much deserved breaks for the holiday season. At this point, Founder found her basement occupied with one dog that has lived with her for over a year, a mama dog whose puppies have all found homes but not her, a dog who needs to be an only dog, and a few others who just haven’t found the right family.

Time is ticking. It’s just 18 days until all foster dogs in Founder’s home must be gone. This does not mean they will return to shelters, nor does it mean the end of their stories, it simply means an alternative must be found for these specific dogs. Stay tuned to see if a Christmas miracle happens, or if Founder can get really creative and find new arrangements for the Special Six.

Lou is an avid supporter of Pawzitive Petz Rescue.

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