Miracle or Mayhem: Part 2

For those of you who missed Part 1 of this story, here’s a quick recap. A small rescue was being forced by a grouchy neighbor, who threatened legal action, to relocate six foster dogs before December 31, 2012. The problem was no one was stepping up to adopt or foster so it was likely they would all have to go into boarding which would cost the small rescue a lot of money. This expense would likely be so large the rescue would either have to shut down or simply forgo any additional rescuing until every last dog in the rescue was adopted; in hopes of recovering enough through adoption fees to pay the bills.

So, here it is mid-January and readers want to know what happened to the ‘Special Six’ awaiting their fate. As so often happens in these situations, it was a bit of both miracle and mayhem. As of December 31, two of the dogs had found their fur-ever homes but four more were headed off to boarding. To make matters worse, a dog that was adopted eight months earlier turned up in a local shelter and needed to be rescued a second time. The rescue was looking at a minimum of $100 a day in boarding costs.

Luckily the grouchy neighbor was out of town on December 31, so the dogs got a reprieve until the boarding facility was open again on January 2. On January 1, an application came into the rescue via e-mail for one of the dogs. It looked good and simply needed a reference check, personal meet & greet, and a prayer all would go well. On January 2, that dog was indeed adopted by a wonderful family and is now being spoiled as any wonderful dog should be.

Four dogs were heading to boarding, and no one else was stepping up to help. As it happens the foster parent took some “professional” advice and adopted one of the dogs himself (only temporarily as they are still looking for the right fur-ever home). This was one way the dog, whose temperament was unsuitable for boarding because he hates being alone, could stay without any rules technically being broken. That means three dogs in boarding and one just an eight-month-old pup that loves everyone and obviously had a family before landing in a shelter.

While checking the dogs into the boarding facility, tears filling his eyes, the foster parent heard one of staff say, “I’ll gladly foster the pup if he gets along with my dogs. I only have small dogs and would love to have one to go running with me.” Yes, the big pup had a place to go. In fact, he is being co-fostered by two of the staff because one hopes to adopt him when they move out of their current situation at the end of the month.

This little rescue saw a miracle of sorts this New Years. Of course, the crazy situation had its share of mayhem as well. Two dogs are in boarding, but they get weekend furloughs to attend adoption events in hopes of finding their fur-ever homes. The rescue continues to seek additional foster homes so they can rescue more dogs in the coming year, but for now the situation is again under control and all the dogs are safe.

As for the grouchy neighbor, he has returned from his trip and thus far has not caused any further chaos. The foster has licensed his “new dog” with county, so they can no longer be considered fosters for the rescue, and hopefully this is the end of what could have become an abysmal state of affairs.

Lou is an avid supporter of Pawzitive Petz Rescue.

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