Minnesota Man Risks His Own Life To Save A Deer From Drowning In An Icy River!

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A very brave man, named Steven Peterson, risked his life to save a deer that he saw drowning in an icy Minnesota river. He said he thought about calling 911, but since he is deaf, he feared that communication problems would have prolonged the deer’s rescue. If it weren’t for him, this deer would not have survived!


Peterson said he was driving by when he noticed the poor deer struggling to survive in the Kettle River in northern Pine County. He felt obligated to help her, so he pulled over, walked through the woods, crawled onto the ice, and pulled her to safety with a rope. He decided to name her Miss Ice River. Peterson said she was shaking and shivering but once she had been out of the water for a couple of minutes, she began to calm down. He stayed with her for an hour while they warmed up together, and knew the deer would be fine. You can watch the daring rescue below:

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