This One Eyed Pit Bull Is AFRAID Of A Chick (And It’s Hilarious!)

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Mina, the rescued one-eyed Pit bull, is introduced to the newest family member: an adorable little chick, Salt. The chick quickly takes a liking to Mina, but Mina doesn’t feel the same way towards Salt! Their owner places Salt next to Mina while she is lying down and at first she gives her a good sniff and seems to like her. But then Mina changes her mind…

She gets right up to walk away from Salt. But Salt doesn’t want Mina to leave. She runs right over to Mina and starts chasing her around. Mina is running all over the place, trying to get away from this chick. Doesn’t Mina realize who should realistically be afraid of who?! LOL!

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