Dog Has Been Waiting Two Years At Shelter

First impressions for shelter dogs usually are the difference between being adopted or passed by. A shelter can be a stressful place for some dogs and their true personalities do not shine through. They deserve a chance at a loving home.

Mimi, a beautiful 9-year-old Pit bull, has been at Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter for the past two years waiting for a forever home. She is a loyal and loving dog once she gets to know a person. However, at first she is scared of strangers and this was the reason she landed in the shelter.


Her former owner surrendered her because of “behavioral issues”. Emily Derenze, rescue coordinator at the shelter told The Dodo, “She’s got stranger issues. She’s wary of new people … and that’s probably what she was experiencing in the home.”

Derenze has spent quality time with Mimi and says, “We’re all in love with her … because she’s spunky, but she’s also really calm. She’s just the perfect mix of everything a dog should be.”

Photos: Instagram/adopt_mimi_ny

Photos: Instagram/adopt_mimi_ny

She does not make a good first impression, so she is passed by. It breaks the volunteers hearts that she is still at the shelter. They believe that her issue with strangers could easily be fixed with training. “She is easily corrected, so I think someone can work with it and help her get better,” states Derenze. All she needs is someone to give her a chance.

Mimi is a perfect dog because she has energy to run around a bit but also loves to relax. Her favorite thing to do it roll in the dirt. The perfect home for her would be one with adults only and another dog to play with. She enjoys other dogs. The shelter is asking for local applicants only because it will take multiple visits for Mimi to get to know her new owners.

Photos: Instagram/adopt_mimi_ny

Photos: Instagram/adopt_mimi_ny

“Once she’s with you and trusts you, she’s like the best dog in the world,” said Derenze. She has a soft spot for the sweet girl with over 455 pictures of her on her phone. You can follow Mimi on her Instagram page for more information. We hope she finds her perfect home soon!

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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