She Hasn’t Seen Her Military Mom In A Year. When She Realizes That It’s Her, Total Bliss!

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Laila the dog’s mom, second-class petty officer Christina Baez, was on deployment overseas for the past year. While she was serving, Laila went to live with a foster family, who she was set up with through PACT For Animals. Her and her foster family got along great and they loved Laila very much and vice versa, especially her foster sister Anna. Finally, Baez has returned home from deployment, and Laila’s foster family set up a reunion for her and Laila. While Laila was outside with her foster family, Baez called Laila from a distance. Laila ran up to her, gave her a few sniffs, and once she realized who it was, she went absolutely NUTS! She rolled all over the ground, gave lots of licks, and couldn’t even contain her excitement. She ran from her mom, to her foster family and back, over and over again. This reunion is sure to put a smile on your face!

Donna Masusock

Donna Masusock

Watch their reunion in the video below:

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