An Injured Baby Goat Is Now On The Mend And Lovin’ Life!

I think it’s safe to say, I’m officially IN LOVE WITH THIS BABY GOAT! Yes, sorry, I just screamed it, but who could resist something this darn adorable?! Miles has had it rough but now that he’s rescued and has the best medical treatment, he’s the happiest little guy. And now he has found friends to share in his happiness. His joy is contagious, isn’t it?

His new best friends, a chicken, a pig, and everyone else on the farm, are a constant reminder that life is sweet, especially when you’re a happy little goat like Miles.

Did Miles make your day a little better? I hope so! If you loved Miles, then you will LOVE this story about Tumbleweed and Spartacus. This tiny baby goat was found lifeless in a storm. No one had much hope. But with love and determination, this baby goat began to push through. He was still in a critical state when he was brought to the shelter. He was lonely and afraid but that all changed when he met his soulmate, a baby emu named Tumbleweed. The relationship they shared helped this baby goat to heal. Incredible! This story is so sweet, it’ll make your teeth hurt! Click here to see the cutest duo on the net!

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