Meet Microdave, One Of The World’s Smallest Horses, Standing At Just 18 Inches Tall!

Meet Microdave, an American miniature stallion who stands at just 18 inches tall and is one of the world’s smallest horses!

At 12 days old, Microdave stood a full two inches shorter than Einstein, who is recognized as the world’s smallest horse.


When the tiny horse was born, he was only 12 inches tall, which is equivalent to a two-liter bottle of soda. That is also nine inches shorter than the average American miniature foal.

Caters News Agency

Caters News Agency

Microdave may be small, but he has a big heart. He resides in Tonbridge, Kent in Southeast England with his horse mom, Haysden Samber Tiddly, and his human mom, Jen Baldwin-Murphy.

Caters News Agency

Caters News Agency

Murphy has been training and showing dressage horses for almost 25 years, but has only kept miniatures for three years. Her initial plan was to sell Microdave once he was born, but after seeing his beautiful blue eyes, she decided to keep him.

Check him out in the video below:

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