Chonky Shelter Cat With Extra Love To Give Seeking His Forever Home

Mister is a 30-pound shelter cat with lots of love to give. According to Mister’s caretakers at the Michigan Humane, the chonky cat’s hefty size is only matched by his large and loving personality.

“He’s full of love and I think he’s just the sweetest senior boy I think I’ve ever met,” a shelter employee told Fox 2 Detroit.

Photo: YouTube/Fox 2 Detroit

“He’s going to be the cat that’s going to want to curl up next to you and watch movies all day,” the worker gushed about the 12-year-old cat. “As long as you’re with him, he’s going to be happy. He’s going to make someone the best friend.”

But though Mister remains eager to chillax with his new owner, shelter staff is also hoping to find someone willing to help this fat cat slim down.

Fat cats may be cute, but those extra pounds also lead to myriad health issues, including arthritis, joint problems, decreased mobility, and certain cancers.

Photo: YouTube/Fox 2 Detroit

Losing weight too quickly also poses health risks, including fatty liver disease, which sadly claimed a fat cat named Zak partway through his weight loss journey. Ideally, Mister will be adopted by someone who will work with a vet to develop a safe weight loss plan.

Until then, Mister will be living large at the west Michigan shelter, where the sweet, vocal boy struts around looking for people to pet him. (This is probably because Mister loves attention, but also because fat cats have trouble grooming.)

“Mister is not your average cat,” the shelter cat’s bio reads, describing him as “large and in charge,” a little bit feisty, and a 30-pound bundle of “love, fun, and personality.”

Photo: YouTube/Fox 2 Detroit

“He has an ego as big as his belly and he’s got the love to back it up,” the Mister’s bio continues. “He is a big guy who likes to walk around rubbing on everything he can (he can’t scratch himself so it probably feels nice) and will always accept pets and butt rubs when you stop to say hi!”

Mister has also become best friends with a shelter cat named Hobbs, who was comforted by Mister after his littermate sadly died.

Photo: Michigan Humane Society

Now the shelter cats spend their days cuddling, grooming, and wrestling, even despite their size disparity. “Mister and Hobbs would love to go home together to continue the life they are currently living and loving!” staff wrote.

Please contact the shelter at 866-648-6263 if you’d like to help Mister lose weight in the comfort of his own home. Ideally, Mister’s new home will also Hobbes, who sounds like he’d make a great accountability buddy.

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