This Cat Wandered Into A Pig Sanctuary…Nearly 14 Years Later, She Still Calls It Home!

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Piggy Paradise, part of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, is filled with rescue pigs. But there is also one animal there who loves being around the pigs, but isn’t quite a pig herself, Kitty Kitty Meow Meow. Meow showed up at the sanctuary nearly 14 years ago, even before Piggy Paradise was added there, but once the pigs became the staple of the sanctuary, Meow would come around more often. Eventually, she wound up staying, and now over a decade later, she still hasn’t left!


Meow loves to be outside with the pigs and even lives and sleeps with them in their enclosures. She enjoys being present among all of them, and of course being the only cat in Piggy Paradise, she gets a lot of attention when volunteers come to care for them.

“She’s our resident diva and community cat, the only one here at the sanctuary,” said Jen Reid, manager of Piggy Paradise. “The rest of the cats live in Cat World with inside rooms and attached outside enclosures.”


Meow prefers to be an outdoor cat and would much rather spend her time with the pigs than her own kind. Reid says if Meow could talk, she would probably say that she’s the real manager of Piggy Paradise. It’s always so adorable seeing animals of different species interacting with each other! I’m glad that Meow found a place to live that she loves being at!


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