Cat Gets Royal Treatment After Her Human Goes Into Labor, In An Amazing Airline Experience Story

Nearly 100,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes in Fort McMurray, Canada when massive wildfires swept across the town. Authorities believe these fires could burn for months, so the families had no choice but to leave.


To accommodate families who were fleeing with their pets, several Canadian Airlines, including Canadian North, allowed pets to ride in their coach sections.


“It was definitely unusual to carry pets in the cabin, but due to the unusual circumstances we were able to bend the rules,” a Canadian airlines spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. “We understand the emotional impact that it would have had to leave them behind.”


Of the families evacuating, one of them – the Scott family – had to leave their beloved cat Meow Meow with Canadian North Flight Operations team members after she went into labor during the evacuation.


Meow Meow stayed with the team members in their office for a few days, and was well taken care of. So much in fact, that they even made her a part of the team!


They gave her a little name tag and kept updating their Facebook page with pictures of Meow Meow’s airline adventure. It also allowed the Scott family to keep an eye on Meow Meow, as they were worried without her.


Canadian North also began tweeting pics of Meow Meow, and said she makes excellent coffee. She became extremely popular on social media and her story was going viral. The Scott family was never expecting any of this, but they were glad that Meow Meow was safe and taken care of, and becoming a little celebrity in the process!


The Scott family posted an update on Canadian North’s Facebook, sharing a picture of Meow Meow back with their family in Calgary. “You took in our family pet and made her a home and turned her into a celebrity,” they wrote. “We are all settled in Calgary waiting for the baby to come.”


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