Meet The 12-Year-Old Boy Who’s Making His Own Viral Wildlife Videos

Like many 12-year-old boys, Mehmet Kanur likes examining the creepy crawly creatures he finds in his back yard.

What separates him from the rest is the fact that thousands of viewers have seen his wildlife videos on YouTube.

According to the Hurriyet Daily Times, Mehmet lives in the Marmara province of Balıkesir, where he can find snakes, lizards, turtles, and even scorpions near his home. His YouTube channel has more than 60 videos, each exploring a different species, some companion animals and others found in the wild.

Source: YouTube/Mehmet Kanur
12-year-old Mehmet Kanur with a rooster.

Mehmet cares for a zebra finch and chickens at home. He considers them his friends, and in taking responsibility for these animals, he’s learned to love all living creatures he finds.

Source: YouTube/Mehmet Kanur
Mehmet has posted more than 60 wildlife videos to YouTube.

İsmail Kanur, Mehmet’s father, helps the boy record his nature videos, an idea he picked up from watching others online.

“When he picks up animals, his eyes sparkle,” Kanur says. “He reads all the time about animalsand conducts research. He will continue to do research about animals around our house and produce more videos. We will always stand by him.”

Source: YouTube/Mehmet Kanur
Mehmet’s father helps him make his wildlife videos.

Mehmet gives viewers a close up look at the animals, often picking them up in his own hands. He explains what they eat and where they can be found

“I prepare [for the videos] by doing research on books and the internet,” Mehmet says. “Apart from relying on my own knowledge. It is not at all difficult to find animals here [in the village]. As time passes, I get to search more and learn more. I will continue to produce videos.”

Source: YouTube/Mehmet Kanur
Mehmet cares for a zebra finch and chickens at home.

Mehmet hopes his videos will help people understand more about the animals he finds, and wildlife in general.

“People are scared of even harmless animals and try to kill them,” he says. “I am sad about this. In my videos, I explain that they are also living beings and should not be killed,”

See how Mehmet handles a snake in the video below.

And in the next, see Mehmet care for some newborn chicks.

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