She Told Her Cat Not To Knock Over The Glass. Then, The Cat Said THIS!

Everybody knows that cats are intelligent. They have “9 lives”, they are VERY independent and you can even train them to use a toilet. BUT, did you know that with the proper tools and A LOT of patience you could train a cat to talk?! Everybody, meet Dante: a Russian Blue who is quite chatty!

Dante 2

Laura Gagliardi, Dante’s Human, painstakingly took the time and put in the effort to train Dante to talk. Dante can say words such as Hello, Human, Food, Water, Now, Infidel, and many more! Laura stated “You see videos of dogs talking all of the time, I love my cat so I figured it would be an interesting project to train him and see what he would be able to learn. Cats are so incredibly intelligent and don’t get the same media time that dogs get.”

To train Dante, Laura said that it took about one full year and a lot of time and TLC to get to this point. As many of you cat lovers out there know, it can be hard to keep a cat’s interest for an extended period of time! Laura said that she used emotional recognition as a basis for this training, slowly integrating words into his meows and purrs. For example, when Dante would greet Laura and meow from recognition and happiness from her return, she would consistently repeat “Hello” and ensure that she did not say anything else to interrupt the recognition and repetition process.

Dante 3

Laura made sure that she focused on one segment of emotional recognition and only one word at a time as to not confuse Dante. “I recommend to anyone who attempts this that they have a lot of patience and take this process very slowly. Emotional correlation is very important for a cat to learn a word.” As of today, Dante knows 10 different words and can say two different combinations of words at once.
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