Meet Our New Rescue Dog Beau

Hmmm, where to begin. What started as a short-term rescue to help the group I work with, has now become one more poodle to join the Mullins home. We brought Beau into the house as a short-term rescue. Needless to say I am a complete failure at fostering. BoBo is now Beau. He has gained 3 lbs and is the most handsome white poodle. He has found a shaggy pillow to sleep on and rests his head on my husbands shoulder every night. And he wheezes into Bob’s ear.

I would like to know the true story behind how Beau came to be a member of the LUV4K9s rescue. I was told he was a family turn in because he broke his leg and could no longer perform his agility routines. I don’t buy any of that. He is very hobbled. He has ear issues and he has some reflex fear responses to fast movements.

People buy cute little puppies and then when the cute little puppy grows up and outlives it purpose people discard them like old shoes. This is what I believe happened to Beau. It’s sad, but he now has a loving home and friends to play with every day.

But Beau is happy and coming out of his shell. He barks occasionally and growls once in awhile. He is finding his place among the herd. He is relaxing, and that’s what it’s all about. We foster and adopt to give these sweet dogs the world they have missed until now.

Will I foster again? Probably not, but I will continue to work with the rescue and help all of the dogs as they find their forever homes.

Please check out the website:

And until next month….woof, woof!

Jenet Mullins is a retired sales executive from the media industry. As a Poodle Parent she shares her experiences and true life situations as a rescue adopter. Find her at Mediagal on Twitter or Jenet Mullins on Facebook.

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