Meet My Family of 5 Poodles

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Last month, I had promised to write about our adventures in our motor home with our five poodles. Well, we haven’t made a trip yet, so we don’t know how it is going to work out. But I can assure you that as soon as we hit the road, I will be sharing our travels.

So this month, let me tell you about my family of poodles and how we ended up with five of them. It will help explain many of the topics I will be writing about in the upcoming months.

When my youngest son was getting married five years ago, my husband bought me a beautiful chocolate toy poodle. I had wanted a poodle for a long time. My husband had always said that if you had to bend over to pet a dog, he wouldn’t be interested. Our house had one old Australian Shepherd, Obbay and one grumpy Rottweiler, Dirk. We named the chocolate poodle Boomer. Boomer is a delight but his breeder was probably not much more than a backyard breeder making money off uneducated buyers. Boomer has issues. His jaw is not in alignment and his coat is blotchy. But we love him just the same. Sometimes we call him Fang.

We had Boomer a year when a woman who worked with my husband, who owns a pet rescue, called and said please, I need your help. Our second poodle, Jack came to us with a broken leg which his previous owner had given him in a fit of anger. It was love at first sight. My husband took Jack to the surgeon weekly and we nursed him back to health. He became a part of our family just as we most needed a diversion. My old Aussie, Obbay, was dying.

Jack fit right in with the family. I would leave for work knowing my little family would be there when I got home. And they were always jumping and wagging their tails when I walked in the door. So one night after a particularly difficult day at work I open the door and my husband hands me a small ball of orange hair. “Look,” he says, “she matches your hair.” What? He then said that “Maggie” had come from a very bad situation at a puppy mill and needed us. I learned she had never walked on grass, she had been locked in a small crate with several other poodles and used as a breeder. She did not breed and had bad hips from the environment. She was being auctioned for $15 or thrown away as so often happens with dogs that can’t breed or are damaged. My husbands work associate saw her and said she thought of us. That brought our poodle count up to three.

Several months passed. I lost Obbay, but life was good. I had the little poodles and a big old Rotti. Our routine was again orderly. Could it get any better? Then the call came. Stella was desperately in need of shelter. She was being given to the shelter for unknown reasons. No obligation but would we please just take a look at her? Yep, I fell for it. We went to meet Stella on Saturday. Now let me just tell you. It was not love at first sight. She was short, fat, dirty gray, she had bad breath, her eyes were gold and she smelled of stale cigarettes. Not a cute little ball of fur. But I could not hand her back. She needed me and I needed her. Stella came home with us.

And so, life was returned to order. Peace came over us and all of our dogs lived together in peace and harmony.

Rotti Dirk had passed over so we only had the little kids. And we were sure that we would no longer foster or adopt, We would say “No, thank you.”

A year passed and we moved from the urban world to the suburbs. The neighbors were kind and liked our little brood immediately. Again, order returned. Until while my husband and I were in Hilton Head with a couple of our “kids” I received a MMS message. Just a picture of a cute black poodle pup with the caption: For You.

So there you have my story. Most of it, anyway. And I now work with the rescue. Check us out on Facebook: and our website:

Until next month, woof woof!

Jenet Mullins is a retired sales executive from the media industry. As a Poodle Parent she shares her experiences and true life situations as a rescue adopter. Follow her on Twitter.

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