This Amazing Program Isn’t Just For Humans Anymore! Check Out Meals On Wheels– Animal Style!

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It’s never easy having to live on fixed income. And to get by, many people have to depend on charity programs such as Meals on Wheels in orders to obtain the food they need to live. The unfortunate reality is that the people who depend on these programs not only can’t afford to feed themselves, but they can’t afford to feed their pets.

This is especially hard in the case of senior citizens whose pets are their only form of companionship. These seniors usually end up sharing their food with their pets, resulting in both pet and human not receiving the nutrients that they need.

This problem has a major impact on a lot of people served by the charity, Meals on Wheels. And instead of leaving people no other option but to give up their animal companions, the charity came up with a brilliant solution. They decided to deliver food to both human and animal clients alike. Isn’t that amazing!

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