When His Owner Says “Hallelujah”, Just Watch What This Pup Does! Hilarious!

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I always believed in doggy heaven, but this religious, little pup just gave that a whole new meaning!! Lol! This holy pup has clearly read up on his scripture (or at least caught an episode or two of Veggie Tales) and is ready for church service! You won’t believe what the owners of this quick learning doggy have taught him!

The next time you get bored in church, you might want to consider bringing your furry, four-legged friend with you! Who knows?? Maybe your canine BFF has secretly been throwing up “hallelujahs” like this hilarious dog when you’re not around!! Imagine looking over and seeing this saint-like dog throwing his hands up in hallelujah to the latest gospel song during church service! I can’t even. Too funny!

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