Her Jaw Was Shattered, She Couldn’t Even Eat… Seeing Her Play At The End Gave Me A Case Of The Fuzzies!

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This three-week-old Pit bull puppy suffered a horrible injury when she got too close to her mother while she was eating. She is very aggressive about her food and when the pup went up to her, she bit her in the face, breaking her jaw. She had many wounds and was in a lot of pain. Her family couldn’t afford the treatment to fix her jaw so they surrendered her. Luckily she ended up in the right hands, and Vet Ranch was able to get her back to normal.

They gave her morphine and antibiotics to help with the excruciating pain. Since her jaw is broken, she wasn’t able to attach to nurse from her mom anymore, so they set surgery for the next day to get it wired and fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, they tube fed her until her jaw was recovered enough for her to eat solid foods. After about a week she was recovering great and they started to feed her milk mixed with canned food. Three weeks later, look how much better she looks! They also decided to name her May. She is precious!

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