Deaf Dog Finally Finds Forever Home After Being Returned To Shelter Three Times

Maui, an Australian Shepard and Catahoula Leopard mix puppy, was adopted by three different families, but all of them returned her to the shelter. The sweet and friendly pup was born deaf and needed someone who would be patient and teach her hand signals.

Maui finally found a patient and loving family that adopted her just after her first birthday. The previous families claim she was “untrainable”, but her new owners proved them wrong. They shared their success in a touching video and created an Instagram page just for Maui.

Photo: Instagram/maui_thedeafdog

The video starts with her new dad gently waking her from a nap by touching her leg. He then says, “She is literally the cutest thing on this planet.” Maui quickly learned basic commands through hand signals but her dad added, “We’re not perfect, but she’s perfect for me.”

Photos: Instagram/maui_thedeafdog

A few of her favorite things, aside from her new home, is chewing on ice cubes, cookies, and cuddling. The heartfelt video ends with her dad saying, “She’s my best friend.”

Photos: Instagram/maui_thedeafdog

The family feels so lucky to have Maui as part of their family. In another post they wrote, “Everyone says how good of people we are and how lucky Maui got to have a family who loves her. The way I see it, we’re the lucky ones. This beauty is one of the best things to happen to our family.”

Adopt don’t shop!

Watch Maui sit, stay, and come when commanded in the video below.

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The OFFICIAL instagram of Maui is FINALLY here!!! 🐶🐶

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