His Owners Removed His Microchip Before Abandoning Him. Now, He’s In Search Of A Furever Home

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A dog, later named Combo, was wandering the streets as a stray in Athens, Greece. Although it is unknown how he ended up there, his horrible condition made it obvious that he was alone for a long time, fending for himself. A woman named Sophia noticed the poor pup and contacted the Save a Greek Stray shelter. A volunteer from the shelter immediately arrived at the scene to retrieve Combo.

They brought him to the shelter to get started on treatment. He had extremely matted hair, he was covered in ticks that were draining him, and he was emaciated. When they shaved him down to remove the mats and ticks, they noticed to stitches on the back of his neck; apparently it was the spot where a microchip had been removed from his neck a long time ago before his previous owners abandoned him. They began his treatment for leishmaniasis, ehrlichia, and mange. Combo made a full recovery, and will soon be neutered and available for adoption to find his furever home!

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