Meet Chester, a Male Cat with an Incredible Maternal Instinct

Due to several circumstances, kittens are often abandoned or put up for adoption. Thankfully, rescue centers and foster homes are ready to take in poor babies. They’ll be responsible for their needs until they are old enough and ready to join a new family. However, managing a foster home is often difficult because kittens also need your full attention. It can be tiring, but at the end of the day, it’s one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. Being able to nurture a kitten and witnessing their growth is truly remarkable.

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Fostering animals can be sad when the kittens go one by one to their families. Nevertheless, being a foster parent is a lovely way of spreading happiness to various people. Taking care of an animal before giving it away is like preparing a present that will fill their households with so much joy. That’s why it’s essential to have someone with great maternal instincts in a foster home. In a particular rescue home, a male cat was the source of maternal care for the foster kittens. Caroline of Baby Kitten Rescue shared a story about her cat Chester and how he helped her become a fur momma.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Before Caroline became Chester’s pet parent, the male cat was initially a foster kitten along with his siblings. But like any other cat-choosing-their-humans story, Caroline and Chester built a connection, which ended up in adoption. “He’s the sweetest, sweetest cat. You can pick him up at any time, and he’ll just kind of melt into your arms,” the Baby Kitten Rescue founder lovingly shared. “Every time people come into the house, he immediately runs to the door to greet them, gives them head bumps.” Since Chester, Caroline has officially embarked on her journey as a foster mom to kittens.

The male cat was the main reason Caroline was fully motivated to establish her foster home. Aside from the inspiration, Chester’s existence has greatly helped Caroline provide the kittens with maternal care from a cat. He was a brother and a parent to all the fur babies their family had fostered. “He’s so gentle with them. Chester’s really maternal, and it’s funny because he never really had a mama cat to teach him these things. But he’s just really naturally maternal,” Caroline said. You’d see Chester grooming, playing, and cuddling with the kittens in the foster home. He was indeed the comfort the kittens needed at their age.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

No one can deny how amazing Chester is, and you’d wish to have a cat like him. Adopting a kitten that has grown from the love of Caroline and Chester’s family is definitely a great idea. Since Chester has been the foster babies’ role model, maybe you’ll adopt the sweetest feline as well. If you are around Los Angeles, you’ll have the chance to adopt from Baby Kitten Rescue. Get updates about their kittens by following them on Instagram. You could also extend a helping hand through donations and checking out an item from their wishlists. All links and information can be found on their Instagram profile bio.

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