As one of the largest breeds, many people stop and stare when they see a Mastiff coming their way. The Mastiff has a huge heart to match his mountainous stature. If you have a Mastiff in your family, you are making a home for a dog who is kind, gentle and lovable.

The Mastiff of the past was a watchdog in his country of origin, England. As one might imagine, the Mastiff did very well in this role. Today, the Mastiff is often found in the family home. This dog has a short coat which can be a variety of colors, including brindle, fawn or apricot. The Mastiff stands at least 27 inches high at the shoulder.

Bringing a Mastiff into the home may not be for every individual, due to his large size. For example, those who live in apartments may not find the Mastiff to be comfortable in this small environment. However, those with larger living spaces who can accommodate the Mastiff comfortably will love the fact that this breed is truly a family dog. So long as you can get your Mastiff outdoors for exercise and fresh air, the Mastiff will be at home with the family. Some may think that this dog is not a gentle one, but this is not the case at all. Despite his large size, the Mastiff is a kind and docile dog.

Grooming issues with the Mastiff are minimal. He has a short coat which can easily be cared for, although the overall size of the Mastiff means that you should leave a bit more time to groom this pup than some other smaller dogs. Exercise is essential for the Mastiff and having a large yard for your dog to run around in is an important concept to keep in mind.

If you have the room for a Mastiff, you will love the wonderful attributes of this large breed.

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