They Weren’t Sure How Their Mastiff Would React To Her New Chihuahua Sister. But When They Meet, Cuteness Ensues!

This adorable giant Mastiff, named Gracie, resides on Sunflower Farm in Cumberland, Maine. Her owners say she is the sweetest animal they’ve ever had. When they got a new Chihuahua puppy, Lola, they weren’t sure how she would react to her. At first she didn’t pay much attention to her, but once she warmed up to her, it was adorable!

Their owners say they play together every afternoon. Although Grace is so big, she’s a gentle giant! She plays with Lola so gently and carefully and Lola isn’t fearful of Gracie’s big size. Watch them interact with each other in the video below. It’s so funny to see how much bigger Grace is than Lola, but they are definitely going to be the best of friends!

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