TV Host Finds Massive Black Slug Found Clinging To Beach Rock

Brave Wilderness host Coyote Peterson has discovered some pretty amazing things in the wilderness. However, it was a simple California beach where he made a discovery that shocked him.

In this video below, Peterson has set out to find a one-of-a-kind mollusk. As he explored a tide pool, a look of shock spreads across his face as he spots the massive black slug.

The animal expert picks up the slimy creature and is in awe over his size. In fact, he holds up a normal brown slug to show just how insane the size difference really is. While the sight of the slug might be a bit unnerving for some, the mollusk is completely harmless. Some may even find the slug mesmerizing to watch as it slide through Peterson’s hands.

With all of the exciting discoveries Peterson has made in nature, he still claims this was one of the craziest!

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