Someone Recycled Surgical Masks And Turned Them Into Tiny Hammocks For Baby Bunnies

We find ourselves living in a situation that most of us never thought we would be living in. The pandemic has caused a change in life for people that is nothing short of profound. Some have lost jobs and family members and others have just lost a lot of their freedoms.

As a result of the stress that we find ourselves under, it is sometimes necessary to find an outlet that will put a smile on our face again. You may feel that that is difficult, considering the fact that we are all hiding our smiles behind masks at this time. As it turns out, those masks just may hold the secret to us smiling from the heart.

Surgical masks are becoming a way of life for people across the United States and around the world. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is mandatory to wear masks in many places, and in other places, it’s probably just a good idea.

The problem with most disposable masks is we are not really sure what to do with them when we are finished using them. It seems as if a man from Ottawa, Canada, has the solution we all need during the pandemic. He recycled those masks into little hammocks for the rabbits living in his home. It’s the cutest thing you are going to see all day.

He said in the video description: “I found a way to repurpose used surgical masks. The little bunnies seem to enjoy using them as hammocks.”

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