Watching This Cardboard Box Inhale Maru Will Make You Giggle

Maru and Hana have a play session with a cardboard box and their silly antics are just too precious (and entertaining) to pass up watching. Whatever it is that makes cats box-crazy has definitely gotten ahold of Maru and his sister.


First, Maru checks out the box. Hmmm, how does one get inside a box like this? It’s not working! The flap is not cooperating. After biting and pawing and getting a bit frustrated, the other flap easily lifts up. It’s things like this that make me love Maru even more!

Once Maru is inside, Hana comes along… I want to have fun too, she “says.” Will Maru share his sacred space? We shall see!


The best part is… THE ENDING! It’s completely unexpected and totally hilarious. What are you waiting for??? Go see for yourself!

If you loved this video then this one will make you 😀 too! Learning new things can be challenging for a puppy so it’s always good to have someone to look up to. This puppy is certainly in awe of his mama and her talent for stairs. Those big scary things that just drop down… AHHHH! She makes going down them look so easy. This little one’s expression is priceless. He looks on with such curiosity, it’s adorable! Aren’t puppies the greatest???

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