Senior Dog Sanctuary Lets Aging Dogs Live Out Their Golden Years In Peace

As we age we face many different challenges. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is having to rely on others for help. Humans aren’t the only ones who face the problems that come with age, animals also need care and assistance in their old age. Normally they would have families to look after them in their old age, but not all dogs are so lucky.

And that is how Marty’s Place was founded. The non-profit retirement center in Upper Freehold Township, New Jersey, was founded with senior dogs in mind and it provides a place for older dogs to live out their golden years in comfort. According to the rescue’s website, they take in dogs who are aged seven years and older who don’t have a home, and provide them with a “a safe, loving and protected environment.” All the dogs that are taken in are provided with plenty of space as well as loads of attention from humans. They also have their medical and dental care needs covered.

Marty’s Place also encourages its senior dogs to be fostered or adopted. The actual center is equipped with room for as many as 40 dogs. It has walking trails, an indoor pool, grooming, and bathing areas, plus a large function room that serves many different functions for the dogs who can use it to relax, exercise, or interact with the human volunteers. It certainly sounds like a luxury retirement home for dogs. The dogs that the center takes in are from all walks of life and they have faced many different struggles such as displacement, medical issues, and financial challenges.

Doreen Jakubcak, founder of Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary, said to ABC7 that the center was founded as a way to change how people view old dogs. She wanted to give these senior pups a chance to live their best lives in their old age.

Jakubcak added, “When we commit to a dog that comes to Marty’s Place they do have a forever home. That forever home can be here at the sanctuary and, when we can, we try to place a dog into a new adoptive home.”

Jakubcak had spent 25 years working in the tech industry before she opened up Marty’s Place, a passion project she has called her “second career.” As she shared with, the name for her rescue was inspired by her own beloved dog that she and her husband, Mike, had taken in after the deaths of their two Labs. They didn’t think they’d be adopting again so quickly, but Marty needed them and they weren’t going to turn him down.

One of the volunteers of Marty’s Place, Rennie Rankin, told ABC7, “People don’t realize how rewarding it can be to adopt a senior dog. They know and they will show you endless love until their dying day.”

It’s always nice to see people caring about older dogs. The people at Marty’s Place are always open to donations since that is what has been helping to keep the place open since its founding in 2015.

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