This Rescued Piglet And Kitten Meet. What Happens Next Is Like A Fairy Tale!

Marina the kitten and Laura the piglet were both rescued from sad pasts, but now reside together at Santuario Igualdad Interespecie (Interspecies Equality Sanctuary), a refuge for farm animals in Santiago, Chile. The two met and instantly bonded, and now they are inseparable!

Marina was saved after being found alone and sick after she had been abandoned on the street as a newborn. They weren’t sure if she’d survive, but instead, she thrived! Laura the piglet didn’t come from a good life either. She was born into the meat industry on the grounds of a factory farm, but fortunately was rescued. Now the two are safe at the sanctuary, getting all the love and care that they need and deserve. And most importantly, they have each other! Watch the two cuddle together and be prepared to melt!

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