Medical Marijuana Products Introduced To Help Extremely Ill Pets Have A Better Quality Of Life

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Medical marijuana has been in the news lately as many claim that the drug helps relieve pain and allows the patient to have a higher quality of life. The latest group to join the conversation for medicinal marijuana is pet owners of severely ill animals.

Bobby Jo Bonser is one of these owners. Her Pekingese rescue dog, Alvin suffered a traumatic back injury when he was a puppy and deals with severe pain on a daily basis. The animal currently undergoes laser treatments twice a week as a way to fight the pain. Bonser says Alvin is also taking medication, but she is open to medical marijuana as a future avenue to help her pet feel less pain.

Photo credit: Philly Voice

Photo credit: Philly Voice

There are many companies that understand Bonser’s idea to help her dog live a painless life. In fact, the Philly Voice reports that there are several pet-friendly weed-based edibles and hemp products to help alleviate any canine’s ailments.

“In general, hemp can assist in all the same ailments we find medical marijuana aiding in the human fields: arthritis, IBD/IBS, pancreatic inflammation/pain, neurological conditions, cancer-associated symptoms, glaucoma, etc.,” says Sarah Brandon, executive director of Canna Companion USA.

Photo credit: The Philly Voice

Photo credit: The Philly Voice

All of the components that would cause a high are taken out of the products which means these products are a holistic approach to care. From pain management to controlling seizures, medical marijuana products are becoming an attractive option for many pet parents, such as Bonser.

“Animals can benefit from the medicinal aspects of marijuana in the same way that people can,” says Kate Scott, a veterinary nurse at VETCBD in Orange County. “Pets have used VETCBD for seizure control, pain, anxiety, arthritis, nausea and loss of appetite.”

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Just like any medication, there are dangers with use. However, experts say there is still a big need for more testing.

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