See How This Adorable Instagram Celeb Has Kept His Cat Dad Company For The Last 14 Years

A lot can happen to a family over the course of 14 years. Just ask Mango Brown and his dad.

When Mango was brought into a new home at just 6 months old, he was in constant need of attention. Thankfully, his adoptive parents had no shortage of snuggles for him.

The Bengal cat was overly affectionate with his new father and, much to the benefit of feline fans across the internet, still is. Pictures of the pair have been spreading across social media. Meanwhile, this kitty and his cat dad have been cuddling even closer than ever.

“Their cuteness was too much to handle, and their special relationship just needed to be shared with the world. Mango radiates happiness,” Mango’s mother, Tiffany, told Love Meow.

Today, Mango is hardly seen without his humans. And people see him quite a lot. The unique orange striped cat has over 220,000 followers on Instagram.

“He will stop at nothing to get the attention and closeness he craves,” Tiffany says. “Mango has always been loving, talkative, and would rather give kisses than be pet.”

When Mango is not napping, he’s following his humans around the house. He’s friendly to visitors, too, and greets them with soft meows and kisses.

Where his family goes, Mango follows. The cat doesn’t like being alone, but he knows how to make himself at home in a hotel. It’s a good thing the minibars don’t stock catnip these days.

“He wants to be close to the action, so we generally take him on vacation with us,” Tiffany said. “He is a calm traveler and loves staying in hotels.”

Mango’s parents believe he’s truly a memorable cat, and we think he’s pretty special too. Have you ever seen a stronger bond between a furry friend and his father?

“We always say he’s like a little human in a cat package, truly a once-in-a-lifetime magical cat,” Tiffany said.

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