Seeing This Street Dog Is Heartbreaking But What Happens In Just 10 Days Is Amazing!

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This poor animal was found on the side of the road in India.  He was incredibly sick, in fact very close to death, and had to be caught with a net as the Animal Rescue team was concerned that one more day was going to be too long without treatment.  Curled up at the shelter, he appeared despondent, having completely given up hope.  He shirks away from the touch of a hand, but slowly, he starts to heal.

It is truly amazing what animal rescue groups around the world do on a daily basis to save the lives of animals that are otherwise overlooked, discarded, or used for unethical purposes.  That a dog, like this, has an opportunity for a better life is heartwarming and a reminder that there are good people out there who will go to great lengths not to give up on an animal that others might turn away from. Thank you to the animal rescuers of the world.

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